Christmas is just around the corner!

This week, students began to learn vocabulary words related to Christmas.

We played fun games such as matching game and what's missing to remember the vocabulary.



Grade 1:


UPDATED: Le mois du novembre

Grade 1:
  • We learned about different types of dinosaurs, what their names mean, their physical features, whether they are herbivore or carnivore...
  • We sang a song about dinosaurs:

  • We wrote in our journal about our dinosaurs.

  • We talked about the Prehistoric lifestyle (e.g. where the cavemen lived, what they ate, and how they found their food...). Then we worked on a worksheet.

  • We discussed the sense of sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch. We talked about the two different flavours (e.g. le sucré et le salé), what we can hear and what we cannot (e.g. J'entends. Je n'entends pas...), what smells good and what does not... (e.g Ça sent bon. Ça sent mauvais) and what feels hard and what feels soft (e.g.C'est dur. C'est doux).
  • We used flash cards/pictures/objects and classified them under the appropriate category and worked on cut and paste activities.

  • We learned about colours. We went around the classroom to find objects that correspond to each colour.
  • We played various colour games.

  • We started learning about shapes (e.g. un cercle, un triangle, un rectangle, and un carré). We did the same for shapes - we went around the classroom and searched for something that matches each shape.